Our Services

How much does it cost?

-Pricing will depend on the type of service required for your pup. Breed, coat condition, and behavior, are some factors that will determine pricing. We will give you our best estimate based upon information provided by owner prior to meeting your dog in person.

Pampered Pooch Program

To make grooming a routine and comfortable experience for your dog we offer our Pampered Pooch Program.  


When you make advance appointments on a regular 4 to 6 week interval schedule we will offer a 5.00­‐10.00$ discount on our regular grooming prices.   Keeping your pet on a regular schedule helps maintain a clean, never matted up, happy and healthy pup.  Coming in for regular grooming ensures your dog will always be frequently looked over from nose to tail and we can often identify health and well being issues that can suddenly develop and escape the eye of many busy pet parents.  Some common problems that we have been the first line of defense in identifying are skin conditions, allergies, various lumps and bumps, lameness, and many other health issues.  Also, by getting to know your pets personality and seeing them frequently we may notice any other changes in their demeanor or behavior while they are at the Salon.  Any of these which could be indicative of many serious underlying health issues.